Monday, June 30, 2008

The Enemy Within

by Stan C. Countz

The spirit may be willing
But the flesh is so weak
I need your daily filling
It’s your will that I seek

I need to feed the new me
And cease feeding the old
May your Spirit control me
May my heart not grow cold

Your word is more precious
Than much fine silver or gold
May my witness grow strong
And my spirit wax bold

May I stop trying so hard and learn to let go
Let your Spirit take hold and say “no” to sin
Die to my flesh and give the Spirit control
Who will save me from the enemy within?

For His sake I need to take off the mask
My sinful nature will never change
I need to face the truth and realize that
My struggles aren’t all that strange

I don’t have the power on my own to win
I need to yield myself completely to Him
Who’ll deliver me from the power of sin?
Oh sinful man that I am, I can never win

I can do nothing, anyway, apart from Him
So help me live in Him and die to my sin
Only He can save me from the enemy within
Only He can save me from the enemy within

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